Life\Work Design

A proven process with experienced mentors to transform your life and work.

What we do, in a nutshell.

For Individuals

Life\Work Design™ is a proven process that goes beyond career-counseling or life-coaching. Our systematic approach gives you the tools to craft your own path to success. You’ll gain increased self-confidence, the ability to articulate your marketable attributes, and see improved results from your work. Plus, you’ll experience the joy of going to work every day, doing exactly what you love.

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BestWork provides solutions for organizations throughout the employee lifecycle. From recruitment to leadership development and outplacement, our approach boosts performance by aligning your team’s motivation with your corporate goals. Your organization will benefit from improved decision-making, genuine engagement and a succession plan for the future.

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How can we help you?

We believe everyone has a right to do their BestWork.
Choose an option below to start on your path or call us at 1(800) 333-9003, we’re always happy to help!

Packages and Pricing

For individuals, we offer coaching and our proven and premier Life\Work Design™ process. For organizations, we create tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Please contact us with any questions about our services or to schedule a complimentary evaluation before you get started. We’re here for you!


When you need a little context and some direction to get started.

1 hour of one-on-one coaching
Tailored for your specific needs
Telephone or video chat
Summary with mini-action plan for next steps

Cost: $250/hr

Call: 1 (800) 333-9003 to schedule a coaching session today.

Life\Work Design

Our proven and premier program to transform your work and life.

8 hours of one-on-one mentoring
3-day in-person course – three full days of coaching in a group setting!
Exclusive process to connect your talents to the demands of the marketplace and your organization
Comprehensive plan for your next steps

Cost: $2750

BestWork for Organizations

We provide a suite of solutions to improve performance and productivity.

A range of solutions from recruitment to outplacement
Specifically designed for leadership development and employee engagement
Enhanced materials and advanced coaching
Free evaluation and proposal
Tailored for your organization

Cost: Contact Us for a Proposal

Contact us to learn more about BestWork for you or your organization.

Transform your life by doing your BestWork.

The feedback we receive most often from our clients is “you changed my life.”

Sean is a CEO who received executive coaching and mentoring from BestWork, Inc.

“My company’s growth rate has tracked (almost) a vertical line. I go to work thinking more clearly, and focus on being present. Nothing replaces careful reflection and planning.”

CEO, New York
Bianca is a client of BestWork, Inc. who received coaching to determine her BestWork.

“It was great to see that I can make a space for myself where I am contributing to the company and feeling personally fulfilled. Previously I thought you’d have to choose one or the other.”

Office Manager, Florida
Nick is a BestWork, Inc. client who was received executive mentoring and coaching services to achieve his BestWork.

“I have a clear vision of where I’m going, how I’m going to be helping my team and, since the end goal is so crucial to me, I can grind through the short term stuff much more easily.”

VP of Sales, Illinois

Now is the time for your how.

Watch BestWork, Inc. cofounders Nella Barkley and Spencer Deering tell the story of BestWork, Inc. and introduce Life\Work Design™.

Upcoming Courses

Life\Work Design™ courses are part of a comprehensive program which includes individual mentoring before and after the course. This allows us to tailor the process to meet your very specific needs.

Courses are delivered in three day sessions for individuals, and are conducted in a group setting. In this period of COVID concerns three day courses are being convened according to the comfort and convenience of clients.  Arrangements are also being made to deliver the program entirely virtually.  Please discuss your preferences with us.

Full program cost $2750 at basic level.

April 2nd - 4th, 2022

Where:  Charleston, SC
Cost:  $2750

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Life\Work Design



Discover or rediscover your talents and motivation.



Identify a set of goals that are meaningful to you and valuable to the world.


Plan and Propose

Connect your unique attributes to the demands of your organization and the market.


Get Support Along the Way

Get real, live support from a BestWork Champion during every step of the process.

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