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Announcing BestWork, Inc.

What do you get when you merge the following?

  1. A decades-old, revered corporation born in New York whose principals have provided strategic life and corporate planning for thousands and thousands of satisfied clients, mainly seasoned professionals and the organizations they work for.
  2. A young startup in Miami with a few clients but a ton of chutzpah hoping to (someday!) do the same for the 80 million-strong millennial generation.

You get BestWork, Inc.

BestWork, Inc. is a partnership between the founders of the two companies above: Nella Barkley of the Crystal-Barkley Corporation and Spencer Deering of Supurlativ. BestWork is meaningful work that creates measurable value. These two want to make sure it’s available everywhere.

Barkley (for decades) and Deering (for years) have pursued BestWork missions in parallel – unaware that the other was out there. Then they met. Immediately they were struck by their shared passion, focus, even language. Deering had launched the BestWork branding just before their meeting.

It’s now the glue that binds these two and their teams.

“BestWork is what Crystal-Barkley’s Life\Work Design™ process is all about,” Barkley says. “It enables us to perform individually at our highest level. It also helps organizations acquire the right talent – then develop those folks into leaders.”

Barkley’s co-founder, John Crystal, was famous for saying, “Be yourself, no one else is qualified.”

Deering loved this Wildean witticism when Barkley shared it. Right away he knew he was lucky that she wanted to work together to spread BestWork using the Life\Work Design™ process she and Crystal developed.

“Lucky is an understatement,” Deering admits. “When a partner with roots as deep as Crystal-Barkley is willing to work with you, you go to bed that night thanking whatever lucky stars aligned over head. Crystal-Barkley is the organization we were striving to be: a strong platform that helps professionals determine what they should do with their working lives. What Nella has built – with John Crystal and then on her own – is phenomenal. It’s humbling that she’s partnering with us to scale Life\Work Design™ and help those with drive do their BestWork.”

The cornerstone of Barkley’s trust in Deering is her confidence that he and his team will protect the integrity of the Life\Work Design™ Process.

Life\Work Design™ has helped over eight thousand people and many organizations figure out exactly who they are and what they want to achieve,” Barkley says. “It’s a proven method for strategically planning life and work. Why fuss with success? Spencer gets this. Through his personal coaching and executive consulting experience he understands how crucial a well-wrought process is to answering the holy grail questions we address.”

Deering adds: “There’s never been a greater need for people and organizations to determine and do their BestWork. 30 million baby boomers are looking for it in what we call ‘encore careers.’ At least 50 million American millennials are searching for it as they start on their professional paths. And the organizations that employee these people are dying for it. The Life\Work Design™ process provides it. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this solution to a world yearning for it.”

Yearning is right. Luckily, these two together are poised to deliver.

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