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Hire people who know specifically where they will add value.

The typical hiring process relies heavily on past experience, which has proven to be the least measure of future success. Get a fresh start with BestWork BestHire.

Hiring is Priority #1

The top priority for many organizations is recruiting talented employees for important roles and projects. While organizations across the country want to attract and develop the most promising staff members, they continue to face challenges when it comes to talent acquisition, development and retention.

Typical Hiring Processes are Broken

Mandates are provided with the best intentions to insure candidates with relevant experience are recruited for available roles. But this strategy of only hiring individuals with “10 years of experience in making widget X or using software Y” reduces the talent pool significantly and limits opportunities for potential candidates who are eager to create value for your organization.

Experience Does Not Predict Success

It’s clear that professional experience is only one measure of an individual’s capabilities. Their ability to create future value rests squarely in their understanding of the objectives and priorities of the people in their new organization.

A study by the Corporate Executive Board found that “almost half of an employee’s success in the first 18 months on the job can be attributed to how the employee fits in with others in the organization.”

Furthermore, many learned skills do not translate from one organization to another due to differences in process and procedure. This is especially the case for an economy driven by technological change where new business opportunities are emerging on a daily basis.

Attract Candidates to Fill Your Exact Needs

To attract and retain the best talent, BestWork, Inc. helps your organization go beyond resume searches and placement firms. With BestWork BestHire, you will learn how to attract individuals with the right combination of soft skills, broadly relevant experience and the genuine desire to help the organization reach its objectives.

We work directly with executives and hiring managers to tailor our proven Management Matching program to attract candidates for any role within your organization. You will receive expert guidance, a customized recruitment program, ongoing development, mentoring and support throughout the process.

Are you ready to give hiring a fresh start?

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When you choose BestHire, your hiring process will become a magnet for candidates with the very skills and attributes you are seeking.