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BestWork, Inc. 2017 Holiday Party in New York City

It was a real treat to celebrate the holidays with friends old and new at the Crystal-Barkley and BestWork, Inc. 2017 Holiday Party in New York City.

Guests traveling to the BestWork, Inc. Holiday Party were greeted to a show of lights.

Arriving by train, visitors found New York’s Penn Station welcoming with Holiday lights and good cheer.


Traveling to New York City at the Holiday Season is a treat for guests at BestWork, Inc.'s 2017 holiday party.

Guests traveling from out of town and from outside of Midtown Manhattan were treated to a lovely show of lights along the way. From the train stations to the department stores, all of New York City was a glow.



Mozzarella and Vino is a lovely restaurant in New York City and location of the 2017 BestWork, Inc. Holiday Party.

As per usual, Nella had picked a lovely venue – a new location this year: Mozzarella and Vino.


All guests were greeted at the door at the BestWork, Inc. holiday party.

Guests arrived promptly, and begin filling the space. Everyone was greeted at the door by Terry, and also Kathleen, who traveled from our corporate office in South Carolina to be at the event.


Everyone had a lovely time chatting with each other at the BestWork, Inc. holiday party.

The cheese and wine were delightful, as the accommodations lived up to their name and reputation. Everyone was joyful and most were wrapped in conversation about their work and how Life\Work Design™ has impacted their life and work this year..


It was a packed house of happy people at the BestWork, Inc. 2017 Holiday Party

More and more guests continued to arrive and it was a full house until the end, when everyone made their way back home and into the Holiday Season through a bit of rain, and with smiles nonetheless.

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s party! Look for the invitation in your mailbox or inbox in October or November. Until then, wishing all our Life\Work Design™ and coaching clients a successful year ahead!

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