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Top 5 Challenges Managing Millennials

In one of our previous articles we listed the most common challenges faced by Millennials. In this article we’ll look at the “other side of the equation” revealing the top 5 challenges faced whenmanaging Millennials in the workforce. Millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force in 2016 according to a Pew Research […]

Motivating Millennials at Work – Moving Beyond Biscotti and Bonuses

The problems faced by Millennials are real, and it is leaders’ responsibility to make sure the Millennial generation who will be making up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, feels more motivated and engaged then ever. When it comes to motivating Millennials at work, the typical approaches of bonus structures and employee perks don’t […]

Millennial Work-Life Balance – Shifting Perspectives and Changing Norms

Millennial work-life balance is much different than previous generations. When we look at the challenges Millennials face as they enter parenthood and take on increasing responsibilities in the workforce, is no surprise that Millennials are taking a different approach to work-life balance. A global study by EY titled Work-life challenges across generations reveals the differences […]

Engaging Millennials in the Workforce – Turning Entrepreneurs into Intrapreneurs

What do Millennials want in a workplace and how can we increase Millennial engagement? These questions have been the focus of organizations that are adapting to meet the needs of the generation that will lead us into the future. To adapt to the needs of the Millennial generation and engage them in the workplace, it helps […]

What Millennials are Looking for in a Workplace

The work environment you foster can have a huge impact on Millennials in the workplace. Having a workplace that is conducive to Millennials means creating a work environment that addresses the unique issues Millennials face. When you understand their challenges, you can ultimately achieve better results for your business by improving your retention of Millennial […]

How Women Can Get To The Top – Advice From High Performing Female Leaders

Women make up a majority of the U.S. population, earn almost 60% of undergraduate degrees, 60% of all master’s degrees and yet they lag substantially behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions. To boost the number of women in leadership positions faster we’ve gathered the key advice from Fortune’s most powerful […]

Millennials in the Workplace – The Importance of Developing Millennial Leaders

Millennials will drive the future of businesses as leaders. The importance of developing millennial leaders lies in the fact that they will be soon filling every leadership role at every U.S business. Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.Despite these facts, in most organizations, the leadership development of millennials still isn’t considered […]

10 Steps to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Find Your Ideal Job

LinkedIn has become a preeminent recruiting tool for companies and an invaluable networking tool for jobseekers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Not everyone utilizes it to its full potential, however. To be visible for the jobs you want, it’s important to know what you should include in your LinkedIn profile. With the following tips, you can maximize […]

How a Working Knowledge of SEO Can Help You Find Your Ideal Job

Being visible for great jobs is more important than finding a good job. To differentiate yourself and to be seen among a sea of resumes, you need to know how search engines work, whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, or LinkedIn’s search engine. In order to achieve and maintain greater visibility on the job market, some […]

How to Strategically Find the Work You Love

You wake up to go to a job you no longer like. Or maybe you are currently unemployed and your whole life has been turned upside down. Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking: “How did I get stuck in this?’’, “How do I get out of this?’’, or “How do I […]

Why a Strategic Career Plan is Similar to a Business Plan

To what extent is the approach of Life\Work Design ™ also applicable to finding freelance projects and starting a company? This was a question Niels, one of the participants in Life\Work Design wanted to have answered. Similar questions are regularly asked of us. “Maybe I would like to start my own business. To what extent […]

The 10 Most Serious Problems Faced By Millennials

Millennials now number 83.1 million and represent more than one quarter of the nation’s population. Their size exceeds that of the 75.4 million baby boomers, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. The Millennial generation is facing challenges unlike generations before. Many millennials are struggling just to keep their head above water […]

Starting a Second Career in Your 30s? Is there a right time to change careers?

Deciding on a second career in your 30s can be a challenging thing to do especially if you are one of the many millennials (21-36) who say that youth ends at age 40.(according to the 2017 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth & Worth report.) Answer these questions below to see if it’s the right time […]

“Me, Inc.” Applied To Your Career

Do you sometimes – often – feel you are all alone out there? You are! — Alone but not lonely. Everyone has the same dilemma. Once you accept the fact that surviving in corporate America is directly dependent on your own initiative, not what someone else does, you’ll be fine. In fact, odds are you’ll […]

How to Create Momentum in Your Job Search Process

These are a set of job search tips to help you pursue your career with passion and create momentum in your job search by making a plan and conducting your search in an effective and consistent manner.  The desire to find another job is not enough to actually get that job. Even if you have […]

Satisfaction in Your Work vs. Just Working for the Money

“I graduated at the end of 2005 from college. Since then I’ve had four jobs, but they don’t give me satisfaction. I now work as a government policy officer, but this takes a lot of my energy. I realize that I don’t have a job that makes me happy. I’m not a thinker, but I […]

Your Second Career – How To Get Started After Retirement

A survey conducted by RetiredBrains showed that 86% of business professionals plan on pursuing a second career or encore career after they become eligible to retire. The 3 biggest reasons why baby boomers, retirees, and those planning their retirement are hankering for a second act are: Following a passion Staying active Financial stability After many […]

5 Proven Practices to Discover or Rediscover Your Motivation at Work

You’ve probably said “I hate Mondays” to yourself, your friend, your family or your coworkers at least once in your life. Are you looking to discover or rediscover your motivation at work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Statistics show that More than half of the American workforce feels disengaged from their jobs. If what we […]

BestWorkplaces Podcast: Smashing the Plateau [with Exclusive Offer]

We’re excited to announce our podcast on Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn, BestWork Champion and principal of TEND Strategic Partners. In this podcast, BestWork, Inc. President, Spencer Deering speaks to Lawrence Baird, Vice President of Operations at Mosaic Learning. Lawrence discusses his recent successes in team-building and organizational overhaul. After overseeing hundreds of product […]

8 Simple Steps to Maximize Performance – How to Build a Noble Sales Purpose that Immediately Generates Outstanding Business Results

“Business is not about making money: it is about delighting customers. The end result is making money.” Would it surprise you to learn that most  businesses DON’T know who their customers REALLY are? Businesses that don’t focus on clearly identifying their target audiences, or identifying customers’ unique needs end up generating low return on investment. […]

How to have Core Conversations and Increase Employees’ Performance, Productivity, and Engagement!

“Countless employees are unhappy, reporting that they only work for the money and yet would trade a raise for a better boss and work environment.” Have you ever felt like your employees aren’t motivated, engaged or productive enough? Research shows that “Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average 3-year revenue growth 2.3 times greater […]

3 Steps for Transitioning Leaders Before Calling a Headhunter

When leaders want or need a new job, they too often reach right out to a recruiter. Good recruiters are gold and they can be a vital source of success. But they should not be your first call. In this article, Spencer Deering, President of BestWork, Inc. outlines 3 things leaders should do before calling […]

Millennials Must Understand Their Why

The primary concern for many leaders is how to develop the next generation of leadership. It’s a challenging task for leaders who are managing Millennials. In a recent post, we highlighted the number one lesson from the White House Economic Advisory Council Study on Millennials: investing in developing Millennials will pay big dividends. However, it’s […]

Learn How to Hire People Who Do Their BestWork

The Future of Work – what does it look like?

The #1 Lesson for Managing Millennials from the White House Study on the Millennial Generation

While many people are now turning their attention to the challenge of Millennials emerging as managers in the workforce, we’ve been keeping an eye on it for years. And, we’re not alone. The White House, under President Barack Obama, released a highly-informative study on the Millennial Generation which reveals a number of trends that have […]

People Are Working More… Yet Productivity is Flat or Dropping

Three Myths From Career Advisors – Busted!

When you are in the midst of a job transition, it’s easy to feel “stuck” without any options. Quite often, the only choices that are apparent are similar roles at a competitor or another company in the same industry. Bad career advice can only lead you back into the same cycle again. In this article, […]

Career Counseling Case Study – Finding a Job After Graduation

Alton, 24, was preparing to graduate from business school. Like everyone at his age and stage, he was very, very anxious about landing the right job. Unlike some of his peers, however, he didn’t want just any job; he wanted “The Job.” This made him open to his mom’s suggestion that he learn the Life\Work […]

Career Counseling Case Study – Going Back to Work After Retirement

Sandy, 54, took a Life\Work Design™ course to find an encore career. She had taken the course years earlier during her work career. Sandy’s formal work experience consisted of six years as a CPA and auditor in a global public accounting firm and twenty years as a corporate finance executive with responsibility for treasury and […]

Engagement in the Workforce – How many people does it take to ruin a business?

Now the How [Video] – Find the Work You Love with Life\Work Design™

Back in December of 2017, the team from BestWork, Inc. met up in Miami Beach to film a video capturing the story of BestWork, Inc. and Life\Work Design™. It was a great time and we really enjoyed working with Just Pure Media for the filming and production on-site. The end result really captures the work […]

Announcing BestWork, Inc.

What do you get when you merge the following? A decades-old, revered corporation born in New York whose principals have provided strategic life and corporate planning for thousands and thousands of satisfied clients, mainly seasoned professionals and the organizations they work for. A young startup in Miami with a few clients but a ton of […]