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10 Best Career Coaching and Counseling Services in New York City

Are you looking for career counseling services in New York City? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been providing our Life\Work Design™ career coaching services in New York City for over 50 years. In addition to our service, we’ve gathered together a list of 10 career counseling services in New York City that offer advice on career management, career transition, and career advancement. We hope this list will help you select the right professional for your specific needs.

Eileen Sharaga, New York Career Counselor  

Eileen Sharaga works with individuals, businesses, college grads and professionals helping people choose, change and advance their careers.
SERVICES: Career Transition, College-to-Career, Job Search Strategies, Resume Writing, Skills Analysis, Career Coaching. 

Lynn Berger- Career Counselor, Consultant and Personal Coach

Lynn Berger provides executive, corporate and career coaching for business professionals.
SERVICES: Career Counseling, Career Coaching, Career Testing, Executive Coaching, Personal Counseling

Dynamic Transitions

Dynamic Transitions specialize in working with executives, high potential managers, business owners, professionals and individuals in career transitions to address career crises.
SERVICES: Individual Career Counseling, Executive Career Coaching, Career Transitions, Managing New Leadership Responsibilities, Career Counseling For Entrepreneurs


Wanderlust Career Counseling helps you build a successful career.
SERVICES: Career Evaluation, Professional Resume Writing, Achievement Coaching, Outplacement Services

Maggie Mistal, Career Concultant

Maggie is a career change coach with a proven career change process and workbooks, useful for people of all levels and backgrounds.
SERVICES: Career Consulting, Career Change Coaching, Corporate & Executive Coaching, Inspirational Speaking, Monthly Mastermind Program

Career Pursuit Services Consulting

Career Pursuit Services Consulting helps you find Career Happiness.
SERVICES: Career Development Coaching and Career Counseling, Executive Career Transition, Career Counseling and Assessment, Marketing You

Stamboulie Consulting

Stamboulie Consulting is an independent career management consultancy that provides executives and organizations with job search coaching, executive coaching, and business coaching services.
SERVICES: Corporate Transition Services, Strong Interest Inventory, Assessment Process, Individual Job Search, Executive Coaching

The Prager-bernstein Group

The Prager-bernstein Group offers a complete range of career counseling, coaching and outplacement services to individuals, groups and corporations.
SERVICES: Individual Career Counseling, Executive Coaching, Corporate Outplacement, Pre-retirement Counseling

Mark Strong, Coaching & Training

Mark Strong Coaching & Training is a professional development firm focused on corporate and employee training, team building, executive coaching and strategic facilitation.
SERVICES: Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching

BestWork, Inc.

BestWork, Inc. provides organizations with a suite of solutions to improve performance and productivity, and a premier program for individuals to transform your work and life.
SERVICES: Second Career, Job Change and Transition, Millennials and High Potentials, Leadership Development, Executive Mentoring, BestHire, Management Matching

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