BestWork Champions

A cadre of professionals dedicated to delivering BestWork.

BestWork Champions are select clients of Life\Work Design™ who receive further training to deliver the process to others. Champions are high-caliber professionals who are committed to helping people and organizations achieve their BestWork.


BestWork Champions are specifically and personally trained by Nella Barkley, who, along with John C. Crystal, founded the Crystal-Barkley Corporation, and created Life\Work Design™.

Over 8,000 people have used Life\Work Design™ to discover and do their BestWork. It has brought clients, their customers and clients, plus countless organizations high levels of satisfaction and increased profits. BestWork Champions are equipped and excited to pass it on.

How does it work?

Only select Life\Work Design™ clients are accepted into BestWork Champions. You’re trained and supported so that all those who experience the programs and services of BestWork, Inc. through your efforts are guaranteed an authentic experience of Life\Work Design™ and the ability to do their BestWork.

Who can apply?

  • Life\Work Design™ clients who have an intense interest in becoming a BestWork Champion.
  • Organizations which are interested in developing BestWork Champions within their workplace.
  • Consultants and mentors who want to apply our proven approach to help their clients do BestWork.

Interested in guiding others to their BestWork?

Your BestWork might be guiding others to achieve theirs.

Many people who have experienced Life\Work Design™ want to share their transformative experience with others. Through BestWork Champions, you receive personal training and support to guide others to their BestWork. Take it from us, it’s some of those most meaningful work there is and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the results.