BestWork Corporate

For more than 40 years, we’ve helped companies do their BestWork.

BestWork, Inc. has transformed Fortune 500 companies, global firms, CEOs, boards of directors, and organizations of all sizes. Our tailored approach provides you proven tools to instill BestWork in your organization, boosting engagement, productivity and performance.

Life\Work Design

A three-day small group course accompanied by 8-30 hours of individual coaching for the participants. Courses are offered monthly in one or more of the following locations: Atlanta, Charleston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Philadelphia. Coaching is provided by telephone, email, or voice chat, as well as in person. Additionally, an extended five-day “retreat” course is available which also includes coaching support.

Executive Mentoring

We provide executive mentoring for organizations and individuals, in focused and more long-term engagements. Our mentors do not bring prescribed curricula to each engagement. Rather they work hand-in-hand with executives to provide realtime solutions to pressing challenges.

We’ve helped with needs as diverse as: business planning; recruiting officers and board members; raising investment capital; locating new markets; curating corporate culture, and launching new business and product lines.

Management Matching

Geared towards employee management and engagement, Management Matching leverages Life\Work Design™ to enhance and extend your existing approaches to recruitment, development and retention. Success comes from having the right people in the right places with the right culture.

Alternative to Outplacement

Offered by employers to employees who wish to view termination as an opportunity to restructure life and work in more satisfying ways. This may be provided on a group or individual basis and may take the form of a 1,3, or 5-day course with follow-up coaching support.

Speeches, Seminars and Workshops

Oriented to the specific needs of your organization, BestWork speeches, seminars and workshops improve company culture and individual performance. They are frequently offered to teams and departments within organizations, as well as trade organizations and professional associations.

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BestWork boosts the performance of your company, one person at time.

Giving your team the tools to achieve their BestWork could be the best decision you ever make. Life\Work Design™ is a proven process to align the personal goals of your team with those of your organization, increasing individual fulfillment and corporate profitability.