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How to Create Momentum in Your Job Search Process

These are a set of job search tips to help you pursue your career with passion and create momentum in your job search by making a plan and conducting your search in an effective and consistent manner. 

The desire to find another job is not enough to actually get that job. Click To Tweet

The desire to find another job is not enough to actually get that job. Even if you have your desired job already in mind.

You need a plan to find your ideal work. A plan which exactly describes what you need to do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. And that is derived from a proven strategy.

With this plan, you will create momentum. At first, it will take time and energy to make this process happen. But when the momentum is there, it will take less effort to keep going and speed your pace up.

In this article, you’ll receive tips to plan your job search and learn how to conduct your search effectively and consistently, building momentum as you go. 


How creating momentum helps you find your ideal job

Did you know that a plane uses the most fuel when taking off? 
After a minute or two, fuel consumption during the climb will be reduced until the plane is at cruising speed. In relative terms, a plane does not consume much fuel when cruising.

And did you know that once a glider is in flight, it can fly on the thermal currents in the atmosphere alone?
But before a glider takes off, it has to be helped by a winch or plane.

For you as a job seeker, it’s important to make sure you build momentum and reach the speed required for takeoff.
Once you build momentum, you will require less fuel to reach your goal. Working on your job search will become a lot easier once you get started and put a consistent plan in place.

That’s what we mean by creating momentum
According to physics, momentum is the quantity of motion an object has. This quantity is related to the speed and mass of the object. A certain amount of energy needs to be collected to achieve a change. Time, speed and approach must all be right to undergo a breakthrough. 

6 steps to create momentum in your job search process:

Building momentum is not done without effort.
It requires constant, consistent effort on your part. You don’t have to work extremely hard, but you need to launch your job search and build momentum.

And once your job search is underway, it’s important not to let your momentum slip.
If you let it slip, you will lose your speed and need to start over again. Your momentum will grow from the energy you invest in the process. Take advantage of the steps you’ve taken before and increase your speed. The more energy you put in – in a consistent way – the faster you will find your ideal job, and with less effort.

Here are 6 concrete tips to create momentum in your job search process, and find your ideal job

1. Just get started!

Taking the first step is often the hardest, but it’s the most important. Whether you start with coaching, enrolling in our Life\Work Design™ course, or by researching on your own – just get started! You’ll feel an initial sense of accomplishment, and a pleasant sense of relief. Quite often our clients realize that they’ve waited too long, and getting started in their job search was easier than they thought.

2. Make a plan

Creating a plan is important to prepare yourself for the road ahead, and to keep you on track. If you don’t have a plan, you will not gain momentum.

3. Reserve time in your calendar for the implementation of your plan

Plan weekly activities. Realize that you can’t put your efforts into your job search on a full time basis. Be sure to also make time to do other things besides finding your ideal job. Determine how much time you can spend on your job search every day or every week. For example, every morning an hour or maybe two hours a day or two hours a week.
Commit yourself to it and block these hours out on your calendar.

4. Realize that everyone’s performance peaks at different hours of the day

Some people perform better in the morning and some perform better in the evening. Plan your activities during the periods when you are most alert.
Be aware of your limitations and make sure you are giving your job search your “best.”
Plan to take a break after every hour or two of work.

5. Do you know where you want to work and why?

Make a plan how to get involved with those organizations (companies/institutions) where you are interested in working. Your goal is to get an introduction to those organizations, because about 80% of jobs are filled via referrals. Begin researching these organizations as part of your job search.

6. Make your plan concrete

Don’t just block time out in your agenda and ask yourself ‘’Okay, what should I do?’’
Link your blocks of time to an activity and part of your overall plan.

For example:

  • Weekly 10 or maybe 20 minutes: focus on searching for new opportunities
  • Weekly 5 or 10 minutes: follow-up to new connections, for example, sending an email or an article that might be interesting for your new connection.
  • Weekly 30 minutes or 1 hour+: Have at least one informative conversation a week; meet-up and get to know a new connection.
  • Weekly 20 or 20 minutes: Follow at least 3 or 5 organizations on LinkedIn and do background research on those organizations to find out if they can be of interest to you.


 By planning and conducting your job search effectively and consistently, you will create momentum, gaining speed and experience as you go. And if you keep your momentum going, you won’t slip up, and you’ll reach your goal – the ideal job for you!

Do you need some help creating momentum in your job search?

As experienced career coaches, we can help you make concrete plans, select the best opportunities, and guide you to maintain the momentum in your search.

Participating in Life\Work Design™ launches your job search and gives you the momentum to start flying. This occurs through a proven process and our experienced mentors, as well as from the inspiration and the influence of the other participants in the training.

Read here to learn more about our comprehensive program which includes 8 hours of coaching a 3-day training session.

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