HiPo to HiPro

Double down on your organization’s strengths by helping your high potentials double down on theirs.

When you invest in your most promising employees, you can see growth that exceeds your expectations.

High Potentials are Your Biggest Asset

Your high potentials, also known as HiPo’s, are your company’s biggest asset. Despite their immeasurable value, most companies fail to invest sufficiently in their high potential employees.

To underscore how much value your top performers can provide: a paper published in Personnel Psychology showed that workplace performance doesn’t follow a normal distribution:

High potentials or HiPo’s can be up to 400% more productive than average workers in the same role.

How Should You Invest in Your HiPo’s?

Companies willing to invest in their most promising employees are often unsure how to do so. When rating what influenced their engagement at work, high performers ranked vacation time and personal feedback as nearly equal.

Yet, a study by SAP and Oxford Economics concluded that only 53% of managers provided monthly feedback to high potentials.

Promotions and Pay Raises are Not Enough

Bonuses and promotions are not enough to retain and engage your top talent. Many high potentials simply leave to “find something more interesting,” or “pursue their passions.”

HiPo to HiPro is specifically designed to engage the skills and drivers of your high potential employees and align them with the goals of your organization.

Are you ready to invest in your high potentials?

Create value in the short-term and fulfill the need for leadership development in the long-term.

Our approach creates measurable value for your organization by helping your high potentials identify their strengths and align them with corporate goals. When your high potentials are genuinely engaged in their roles and the growth of your organization, they will continue to lead from their strengths in the years ahead.