Life\Work Design™

Strategic planning for your work and life.

At its essence, Life\Work Design™ is strategic planning for your work and life. It can be taught to anyone, at any age, as long as you have the drive to do your BestWork.

How it Works

Life\Work Design™ is a proven process that has transformed the working lives of thousands of people.


Discover or rediscover your talents and motivation.


Identify a set of goals that are meaningful to you and valuable to the world.

Plan and Propose

Connect your unique attributes to the demands of your organization and the market.

Get Support Along the Way

Get real, live support from a BestWork Champion during every step of the process.

A Comprehensive Program to Transform Your Life

Life\Work Design™ is a comprehensive program that requires significant time and effort and yields substantial rewards for those who enroll.

3 Full Days + 8 Hours of Coaching

In addition to a group session conducted over the course of three full days, you will receive eight hours of individual mentoring before and after the course.

It’s all about you. Yes, you!

While everyone who participates in the program receives the same benefits of Life\Work Design™, you will receive a uniquely tailored approach to your specific learning style, needs and experience.

We’ve been transforming people’s lives for over 50 years, and now more than ever, our process is all about you. In many ways, Life\Work Design™ is the process of founding Me, Inc. – the most successful enterprise – your life.

Change your life.

The feedback we receive most often from our clients is “you changed my life.”

Sean is a CEO who received executive coaching and mentoring from BestWork, Inc.

“My company’s growth rate has tracked (almost) a vertical line. I go to work thinking more clearly, and focus on being present. Nothing replaces careful reflection and planning.”

CEO, New York
Bianca is a client of BestWork, Inc. who received coaching to determine her BestWork.

“It was great to see that I can make a space for myself where I am contributing to the company and feeling personally fulfilled. Previously I thought you’d have to choose one or the other.”

Office Manager, Florida
Nick is a BestWork, Inc. client who was received executive mentoring and coaching services to achieve his BestWork.

“I have a clear vision of where I’m going, how I’m going to be helping my team and, since the end goal is so crucial to me, I can grind through the short term stuff much more easily.”

VP of Sales, Illinois

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Upcoming Courses

Courses are delivered in three-day sessions for individuals, and are conducted in a group setting. Please see below for upcoming courses and locations. We are happy to coordinate a three-day session at a location of your choosing when you have 10 or more people who are participating.

October 9th-11th, 2020

What: Life\Work Design™ Course

Where: Charleston, SC

Cost: $2750

December 5th-7th, 2020

What: Life\Work Design™ Course

Where: Charleston, SC

Cost: $2750

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