Managing Millennials 3-Day Mini-Course

Spencer Deering coaches Millennials and managers of Millennials on how to do their BestWork.

Mini-Course features:

  • 12 Lessons on Managing Millennials
  • Practical Advice You Can Use Right Away
  • Tips on what to do: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Certificate after Completing the Course
  • FREE Copy of How to Be a Millennial Whisperer eBook

$149 USD

Course Description:

In this course you will learn how to become a better manager of Millennials. The lessons provided in this course will make you a better manager of any individual, from any generation in your workforce. However, these lessons are specifically designed for you, as a manager of Millennials, to meet the needs of your Millennial employees.

When you complete the Managing Millennials 3-Day Mini-Course you’ll receive a certificate that shows you’ve mastered the knowledge and skills needed to lead the Millennial generation effectively in the workforce.

We focus on the most promising Millennial employees, your high potential Millennials. These are the people who will lead your organization into the future. Your job is to support them. In this 3-day mini-course you’ll learn the best ways to do so.

Managing Millennials can often be frustrating for those who are in the Baby Boomer or Generation X generations. Even Millennials themselves face challenges when managing those within their generation.

Effectively managing Millennials often appears to be “impossible” or something you can “never get a handle on.” But the truth is, a lot of the challenges when managing millennials have to do with understanding, and a shift in mindset will have an immediate impact on your ability to manage your Millennial employees successfully.

In the Managing Millennials 3-day Mini-Course, you’ll gain a new perspective on management for this generation. Plus, you’ll get practical tips to put your new understanding into practice and improve results.

Full Course Details:

Our 3-day mini-course for managing Millennials contains a series of 12 lessons which you can complete in the course of one day, or, as we recommend, over the course of three days. This allows you time to adjust to new concepts and begin to put them into practice.

At the end of each day there is a quiz to test your knowledge of the topics covered. The quiz results are emailed with an explanation of each question, providing a handy summary to refer to when reviewing the information covered each day.

Here is a list of the three days included in the course, along with the topics addressed in the 12 lessons:

Day 1: Definitions – A clear understanding of who the Millennial generation is, and how Millennial employees are different than previous generations.

  • Lesson 1: Who are the members of the Millennial generation?
  • Lesson 2: What makes Millennials unique?
  • Lesson 3: How do Millennials act in the workforce?
  • Lesson 4: What does it mean to be a manager of Millennials?
  • Course Note: Management Principles

Day 2: Your Role – Taking responsibility and adopting a new mindset to become a better manager of Millennials.

  • Lesson 5: Are Millennials the problem, or is it management?
  • Lesson 6: What type of management most benefits Millennials – and your organization?
  • Lesson 7: What is the most effective way to engage Millennial employees?
  • Lesson 8: How can you retain high potential Millennials?
  • Lesson 9: How do you build a culture that aligns with the values of Millenials?

Day 3: Putting it into Practice – Guidance on using your newfound understanding to boost engagement with Millennials and results for your organization.

  • Lesson 10: What is the best way to communicate with Millennials?
  • Lesson 11: What should you be doing on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis to be a better manager of Millennials?
  • Lesson 12: How can you spread this new mindset and approach for managing Millennials throughout your organization?
  • Course Complete: Additional Resources for Managing Millennials available from BestWork, Inc.

No fluff!

Our Managing Millennials 3-Day Mini-Course is packed with information to help you learn more about the Millennial generation, and how to become a better manager of Millennials.

We provide relevant and reputable information from sources including the Pew Research Center, Inc. Magazine, Forbes and more.

Most importantly, we give you actionable tips you can put to work right away! Plus, we tell you what you should be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to improve the engagement and retention of your Millennial employees.

There is no nonsense, and no fluff! You get solid advice to become better at managing Millennials, along with clear directions on how to put it into practice.

Bonus – Get a FREE Copy of the How to Be a Millennial Whisperer eBook

When you complete the Managing Millennials 3-Day Mini-Course, you’ll receive a free copy of How to Be a Millennial Whisperer: Understanding Your Millennial Employees and Boosting Engagement. Written by BestWork, Inc. President and expert on Millennials, Spencer Deering, the book has received numerous 5-star reviews on

How to Be a Millennial Whisperer provides further details on the background behind the changing shift in America’s workforce, and how you can better engage Millennials and improve business results.

Receive your free copy – a $9.99 value – in downloadable PDF format when you complete the Managing Millennials 3-day Mini-Course!