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8 Simple Steps to Maximize Performance – How to Build a Noble Sales Purpose that Immediately Generates Outstanding Business Results

“Business is not about making money: it is about delighting customers. The end result is making money.”

Business is not about making money: it is about delighting customers. The end result is making money.

Would it surprise you to learn that most  businesses DON’T know who their customers REALLY are? Businesses that don’t focus on clearly identifying their target audiences, or identifying customers’ unique needs end up generating low return on investment.

The secret to successes lies in making certain every department and every person in your organization has identified, understands and utilizes the NSP (Noble Sales Purpose) as a key factor and a foundation based on which every work is performed!

The secret to successes lies in making certain every department and every person in your organization has identified, understands and utilizes the NSP (Noble Sales Purpose) Click To Tweet

What is the NSP? The NSP describes your purpose as an organization, defines your customers, and adds more meaning to your employees’ work…and even more value for customers.

Noble Sales Purpose meaning

Step 1:

Gather senior leaders and a cross section of top-performing sales, service and operations people. Ask them:

– How do we make a difference in the lives of our customers?
– How do we do it differently than the competition?
– On your best day, what do you love about your job?

Step 2:

Who is your customer? REALLY your customer?

Step 3:

Look for themes and commonalities within the answers of your leadership team to the three big questions

Step 4:

Craft your NSP (Noble Sales Purpose) using the following guidelines:

  • Short
  • Easy to understand
  • Concrete
  • Exciting
  • Explainable to kids
  • Pride-inducing

Some examples to motivate you:

  • “We improve the lives of seniors, their families – and each other.”
  • “We care about delivering amazing travel experiences.”
  • “We turn employees into leaders.”
  • “We empower our clients to turn messages into meaningful relationships.”
  • “We help our customers save time and lives.”
  • “We help clients seize opportunity and reduce risk.”
  • “We provide patient safety and advance peace of mind.”
  • “We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer.”

Step 5:

Create the narrative through customer impact stories that are EMOTIVE, not numbers-driven.

Step 6:

Each leader should have a personal connection to the purpose. Create your backstory as to why this matters to you.  

Step 7:

Get some quick wins before you launch to announce when you launch: Have you started using customer impact stories to start each meeting rather than financials?

Step 8:

  • Open the meeting with your most compelling customer impact story
  • Share the NSP.  Explain why it’s called an NSP (three parts) and who your real customers are.  
  • Invite every manager to internalizing the NSP within their team.
  • Create stories that substantiate the Noble Sales Purpose

Defining, articulating and maintaining the NSP across the organization is vital for generating substantial business growth. Keep customer stories alive throughout the company and give everyone access to customers. Enable each person to identify how their skills directly impact the customer experience and hire and recruit with purpose in mind.

Click on the link bellow to download the complete guide to developing a Noble Sales Purpose for FREE:  “Create a Noble Sales Purpose and Maximize Corporate Performance through Employee Engagement”



The global thought-leader who introduced Selling with Noble Purpose into business is Lisa Earle McLeod. She is a keynote speaker, executive advisor, author, and strategy consultant whose clients include Google, Roche and Dave & Buster’s. Her best selling book, Selling with Noble Purpose changed the game in sales.Lisa works with sales forces around the world to help leaders drive revenue, improve morale, and gain a competitive advantage. A former Procter & Gamble sales coach, McLeod has worked with 50 of the Fortune 500 corporations. 

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