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“Me, Inc.” Applied To Your Career

Do you sometimes – often – feel you are all alone out there?

You are! — Alone but not lonely. Everyone has the same dilemma.

Once you accept the fact that surviving in corporate America is directly dependent on your own initiative, not what someone else does, you’ll be fine. In fact, odds are you’ll have a very good time with the adventure.

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But how do you prosper? What are the tools and strategies?

At BestWork Inc., these are assembled under a banner we sometimes call “Me, Inc.,” an approach which enables you to take matters into your own hands. Most of us have been fooled into believing that other people hold the authority over our futures. In reality, that is very far from the truth. It bears taking a close look at reality – our individual situations – to fully realize how empowered we can be.

“We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.”

– Dale Carnegie


To succeed in corporate America, there are several basic tasks to accomplish:


1. Learn WHAT your assets are

Do you know that at BestWork Inc., we often discover clients’ most prominent skills have never been put to “work”

2. Determine what your MOST IMPORTANT assets are

These are the capacities around which you will want to build Me, Inc. Ask yourself which of your skills and talents are you most happy using and you are very close to career success. The only definition of success that matters, as Inc. puts it is: “To a small business owner, to an employee–to anyone – there is only one way to determine success. The answer lies in answering one question: How happy am I?

That’s it. How successful you are is based solely on the answer to that question. How happy are you?”

3. Come up with a mission statement for Me, Inc

Can you remember what the child in you dreamed of becoming – or doing?

4. Research the market before taking your next work step

It’s a way to bring in the information you need in order to successfully launch Me, Inc. or gain a greater share of the market or change functions or positions in your present organization.

5. Make a proposal

to a carefully selected future employer, your present employer, your desired clients, or if you have decided to be entrepreneurial, to a financier.

You need NOT be the victim of corporate America. You are corporate America. So, begin the process NOW!

“Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you.”
Darren L. Johnson

Click bellow to download the complete guide to establishing a successful career.

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Oh! One more thing! Keep us posted on your career progress.

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