Our Mission


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tools for individuals and organizations to do BestWork – meaningful work that creates measurable value.

We guide individuals to their BestWork through Life\Work Design™, trusted by over 8,000 people. For organizations, we provide executive mentoring, as well as specific tailored solutions that have been used by hundreds of companies from small firms to the Fortune 500.


Our History

The origins of BestWork, Inc. stretch back more than 50 years. After returning from World War II with experience as an intelligence officer, but no practical way to apply his diverse skillset, John C. Crystal crafted what would become Life\Work Design™. He mentored other people in the process and after meeting Nella Barkley in 1981, they formed the Crystal-Barkley Corporation, refining Life\Work Design™ and expanding their services to include organizations. From geologists to ballet dancers, first-time entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies,  Life\Work Design™ has always been about doing your BestWork. Now with BestWork, Inc. we’re bringing Life\Work Design™ to more individuals and organizations, continuing the tradition of the Crystal-Barkley Corporation. You can read more about our history here.