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How a Working Knowledge of SEO Can Help You Find Your Ideal Job

Being visible for great jobs is more important than finding a good job. To differentiate yourself and to be seen among a sea of resumes, you need to know how search engines work, whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, or LinkedIn’s search engine.

In order to achieve and maintain greater visibility on the job market, some knowledge of SEO is necessary. If you know how recruiters search and how search engines work, you can take advantage of it and increase your chance of finding your ideal job.

Even if you apply for a job traditionally, it is important to use the correct keywords in your resume. Because recruitment and selection software (ATS) works as a search engine, using the right keywords is crucial.

Why you should use SEO to promote yourself as a professional

Creating a web presence is a necessity nowadays. To be found, however, takes more effort than just completing a website template. Understanding what search engines look for when they rate and rank sites can help ensure you show up better in the search results.

SEO is widely used in internet marketing. Using SEO tactics such as including important keywords that recruiters are likely to search for, having outbound links, utilizing headings with keywords, featuring images with appropriate tags, and creating metadata can all have a positive effect on how search engines rank a particular webpage. For businesspeople and entrepreneurs with websites, this is important to take note of.

Depending on the platform you use for your website or online resume, you may have some tools at your disposal. For example, Yoast is a popular plug-in for WordPress that helps rate how SEO-friendly your content is and allows you to enter metadata to boost your SEO score.

Partnered with a curated social media presence, your SEO-friendly site will be more likely to garner attention than a website that ignores SEO standards.

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When seeking your ideal job, you are essentially selling a product — product You. And potential employers are in the market for a particular product. To ensure a good fit, you want to highlight those skills and talents that help you stand out and make you amazing at what you do.

Even if you are only posting a resume online on a website or filling in a LinkedIn profile, using the right terms matters. To determine what type of phrasing to employ, consider what you have to offer and what your ideal job requires.

Find your keywords to optimize yourself

Take a look at your resume. What is it that sets you apart? Does your experience tell a story about your work ethic or creativity? Does your skillset highlight your best attributes?

Now consider what recruiters are looking for. It’s useful to looker at job postings to truly capture the language of HR and recruiters. Does the language you use on your resume seem similar to the terms and phrases utilized in the job postings? If not, you may be missing out on some important keywords.

When you do a search, you are essentially typing in a keyword. The search engine’s algorithm then starts computing and gives you back a list of results that utilize that keyword. To maximize your results, then, you must know the right keywords to use — and what better place to start then from the phrases used in a particular posting?

When scouring for keywords, make sure to use verbs that highlight what you have done. Have you marketed, trained, negotiated, evaluated, created, or acquired? These are strong verbs that should be highlighted.

Next, think about attributes. Are you clear communicator? A dedicated team worker? A critical thinker? An innovative problem-solver? These attributes are frequently used as keywords, especially for younger employees who may not have as much on their resumes as their older counterparts.

Keep your goals in mind

As you’re boosting your keywords, keep your goals in mind. Share your vision. What is it that you want to accomplish? What are you enthusiastic about? Highlighting your passion for your work and your career fleshes out your online presence and can help recruiters and hiring managers more easily envision you as a complete person rather than just as a set of skills and accomplishments.

In addition, your other keywords highlighting your accomplishments and attributes should be chosen with your end goal in mind.

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