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Our Team: BestWork, Inc. President Spencer’s Business Trip [Photo Essay]

This photo essay is from the President of BestWork, Inc., Spencer Deering. He took a business trip and wanted to share his travels with his family, as well as provide clients a more intimate view of his day-to-day life. Some great shots, scroll down to see the full slideshow, we hope you enjoy!

“My kids wondered what business travel was like. I figured I’d show them the real deal by chronicling my trip last week. I was scheduled for a one night shot to NY to see some of our (wonderful!) clients. Of course, there were a few hiccups along the way…Warning: this ain’t G5’s and taking meetings at the Ivy!”

Sunrise in Miami Beach. It never gets old. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP I hustle out to grab some early gold rays and do some yoga on the beach. Too bad my down dog looks more like tipped cow...but this tree pose ain't bad! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Back in time to hug my wife before I head out the door. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Some people lead their dogs – I lead this bad boy. Everywhere! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Got the travel armor on. The days of wearing suits on a plane are OVER for this gladiator. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Who needs car service when Uber provides such class? SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Ugh, always tough to leave Miami. This is just a typical view out of the window on way to airport. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Uber driver Reynel. He's a champ! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP This is my secret TSA line at MIA. I don't tell ANYone about it. You wish you knew!! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Walking PAST the bar....too much work to be done! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Boarding is always a charming process. Is it me or are the aisles 40% more jammed than they were even 3 years ago? SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP I like reading old business books to determine if much has changed. It hasn't. Transparent communication was the magic bullet in 1991 just as it will be in 2021! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP This guy's got great teeth! If you fly American you know him. Any guesses? Anyone? Anyone? SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP I always like to balance business reading with fiction. My wife gave me this novel and I highly recommend it! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP DETOUR!  Had to go to Baltimore unexpectedly. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Now at the train station and finally heading to NY. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP View not exactly like that of Miami. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Uh oh! Train not stopping! Have to get next one! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP This train is not as nice as the one that whipped by! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Heading North – and another view that reminds me that I'm NOT in Miami. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Finally made it to NYC! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Who says the NYPD aren't nice? This officer was THRILLED to give me rockin' directions! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Client's office. Nice digs!! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Going to dinner with client post meeting – still haven't ditched my best friend! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Had time to run down to Union Square to catch a show. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Audience members were required to pick a card. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP This one's more fitting! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Next morning. Another client's office – MORE nice digs! I'm lucky to spend a lot of time in the 40's in Manhattan... SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Engineers unite!! The bathrooms on Amtrak have the worst faucets ever designed. Could they be the worse designed THING, period? Ugh. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Back in Balti, pounding some street meat. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Another great Uber driver – Colin! So nice... SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Back on PLANE TO MIAMI – Woohoo!!! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Landed in the Magic city. SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP Back home – tired but in one piece! SPENCER's BUSINESS TRIP


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