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How to Strategically Find the Work You Love

You wake up to go to a job you no longer like.

Or maybe you are currently unemployed and your whole life has been turned upside down.

Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking: “How did I get stuck in this?’’, “How do I get out of this?’’, or “How do I find something else?’’

You are determined to find other work, but how do you handle that? Where do you start? And how do you do it so that you realize your goals effectively and efficiently?

If you’re ready to increase your chances of achieving your goals, then it’s time to look at work strategically. With a good strategy, you increase your chances of success.

If you’re ready to increase your chances of achieving your goals, then it’s time to look at work strategically. With a good strategy, you increase your chances of success. Click To Tweet

Strategic management planning

Managing your career with Life\Work Design™ is strategic management planning tied to personal decision making.

In business administration, strategic management is a well-known discipline. It studies how organizations can achieve their long-term goals effectively and efficiently.

However, strategic management planning in the form of strategic personnel management is less common. Actually, it’s pretty surprising. Few organizations focus on personal strategic management to help their employees realize their personal goals. If they did, they would likely have more enthusiastic and productive partners!

Strategic management planning is a great tool for helping people reach their potential and do their BestWork.

A good strategy is key for successfully shaping and managing your career

Getting a job is part of a larger process entirely — a self-management process. And when that job is your dream job — the one that keeps you working hard and leaves you fulfilled — then it’s a culmination of a much longer plan.

Managing yourself and creating a strategy to help you shape yourself as an employee and as a leader can help you realize your highest potential. Here are some tips for getting started.

How to approach the job market via self-management

Self-management requires a proactive attitude. Here are some simple tips for approaching the job market.

1. Do not wait for job openings from organizations

Create your own openings.  

To be able to do this, you need to know the needs of the labor market and what are your unique skills. You also have to be able and willing to network and reach out to prospects.

2. Remember that you are the decision maker, not the business with the job for which you are applying

Ultimately, you choose whether to work for a potential organization. Your work is valuable —especially when it’s your BestWork. Research anyone you are considering working for and make sure they meet your standards.

3. Make sure you always have options

A plan is good, a backup plan is better. And having a few backup options is great. Don’t get pigeonholed into a job you don’t like because you don’t have an alternative. Seek and create alternatives.

4. Keep in mind that your personal mission is the most important part of the planning process

Why you do what you do matters. Your personal mission can help propel you to success — as long as you actively utilize it as part of your process.

5. Make use of a proven strategy.

Creating a strategy from scratch takes time. Not only are you guessing which components you need and when, but the whole strategy is untested until you start implementing it. Relying on a proven strategy can help you get the results you want more quickly. In addition, once you have learned a proven strategy, you can apply it again when needed.

Life\Work Design™: Strategic management planning with results

Life\Work Design™ is a structured step-by step-process that gives you the tools to realize your potential.

No one ever said that getting the job you want is easy. However, having a strategic plan in place that takes into account who you are and what you want can help you achieve your goals.

Having a strategic plan in place that takes into account who you are and what you want can help you achieve your goals. Click To Tweet

Life\Work Design™ walks you through the necessary steps to help you hone your personal mission, craft measurable goals, and implement a strategic plan to take you from start to finish. Once you’ve taken a personal inventory and have started working towards your goals, you won’t have to do it alone. The Life\Work Design™ includes mentoring to help ensure you are on the right path.

Success depends on choosing and following the right strategy

Life\Work Design™ is a proven strategy. Contact us if you’re ready to learn more about how our uniquely tailored program can help you maximize your potential and reach your goals.

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