League of Legends Hero: Supports are the best for Varus?

League of Legends Hero: Supports are the best for Varus?

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, is a unique AD carry in League of Legends who is known for the many ways he can be built. Picking the right backup is very important if you want Varus to be as effective as possible during the game. These are the best support champions to use with Varus. Here are the best builds that go with them.

League of Legends Hero: Lulu: The Helpful Magician

Lulu works best with Varus, who can hit quickly. Both champions can beat close supports early in the game because they have better range. Lulu’s peel skills, such as Whimsy, Polymorph, and Help, Pix!, defend her very well. She can speed up Varus’s attacks and save him with Wild Growth, which makes her a great choice for powerful playstyles.

Tip: Watch out for enemies who focus Lulu early in battle to stop you from using Wild Growth.

League of Legends Hero: Braum: We Stand Up

It is safe to use Braum for the laning phase. Stand Behind Me makes the early game safe, and Braum’s gear works well in a variety of settings. Because of this, Braum is a flexible and dependable Rift partner for Varus. His Q and ultimate set the stage for interesting games.

League of Legends Hero: Xerath and Lux: The Long-Range Pair

Xerath and Lux both play a part as long-range poke supports. They press down on targets from a distance and are great for the lethality poke Varus build. Watch out, because this lane combo doesn’t have many good ways to get out of trouble, especially when pushed up in the lane.

Tip: If you play Xerath and Lux with lethality, poke Varus for a deadly one-shot.

Fourth, Thresh is the versatile playmaker.

My personal favorite, Thresh, is just as versatile as Varus. Thresh can be bold with hooks, offer strong escapes with lanterns, and stop enemies from moving with Flay. The Chain Warden and Varus, who increases attack speed, work well together, making Lethal Tempo and Guinsoo’s Rageblade more powerful.

League of Legends Hero: Milio: The Soft Flame

Milio is a great support because he has an easy design and good skills. When paired with Varus, Milio speeds up Varus’s attack, movement, and range when he hits. Milio’s “Fired Up” passive does a lot of damage to Varus, making him more lethal and helping to win trades during the laning phase.

Senna: The Killer at a Distance

With their long-range skills, Senna and Varus put a lot of pressure on the other team during the laning phase. Senna’s root lets Varus do dangerous combos, but be careful in the late game because this pair doesn’t have good defense.

Tip: When you play Senna, watch out for enemy killers; Varus could become a good target.

Rakan: The Charming Entertainer

Varus and Rakan work really well together because Rakan is a strong help. This skill makes Varus’s Chain of Corruption possible, which can lead to deadly team plays. Early levels might be hard, but when they all work together at level six, they are very strong.

In League of Legends, the world is always changing. Picking the right support for Varus like NIAGASLOT will ensure a strong relationship that helps them win on the Summoner’s Rift.