Mastering the Cyber Ops: Top 5 Saber Counters in Mobile Legends

Mastering the Cyber Ops: Top 5 Saber Counters in Mobile Legends

Today, let’s dive into the exciting world of hero counters, focusing on the lightning-fast Saber, the Cyber Ops ace in the Mobile Legends game. Saber might be zipping around the battlefield, but no worries – we’ve got five heroes up our sleeves to put a halt to his cybernetic shenanigans. So, kick back, strategize, and let’s explore the five heroes that can defuse the threat posed by Saber in the Mobile Legends arena.

The Cyber Ops Menace

Saber, with his cybernetic agility and razor-sharp blades, has become a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends. His ability to swiftly close the gap and burst down opponents makes him a menace in the hands of a skilled player. But every hero has their weak spot, and we’ve lined up five champions ready to counter Saber’s rapid moves.

1. Akai – The Panda Juggernaut

Akai might look like a cuddly panda, but he’s a force in battle. With his ability to control the battlefield using his ultimate, “Blender,” Akai can disrupt Saber’s swift movements and leave him vulnerable. A well-timed ultimate can turn Saber’s cybernetic dance into a chaotic scramble.

2. Franco – The Grappling Master

Saber relies on his agility to dance around opponents, but Franco, with his hooking skills, can put a stop to that. Franco’s ultimate, “Wasteland Force,” allows him to grab Saber from a distance, interrupting his dashes and leaving him wide open for a counter-attack. A skilled Franco can turn Saber’s speed against him.

3. Ruby – The Queen of Lifesteal

Ruby’s crowd control and lifesteal abilities make her a fantastic Saber counter. Her ultimate, “Time to Rock,” lets her immobilize and damage enemies in an area, disrupting Saber’s combos. Additionally, Ruby’s lifesteal from her passive ability allows her to sustain herself in prolonged engagements, making her a tough opponent for Saber to handle.

4. Nana – The Feline Sorceress

Nana might be small, but she’s a powerhouse when it comes to countering agile heroes like Saber. Her second skill, “Molina Smooch,” can immobilize and reduce the damage output of enemies caught in its area of effect. This gives Nana and her team a window to take down the Cyber Ops threat without worrying about his swift maneuvers.

5. Hilda – The Wildflower

Hilda’s tankiness and ability to close the gap quickly make her an effective counter to Saber. Her ultimate, “Power of Wildness,” allows her to leap into the midst of battle, disrupting Saber’s positioning and creating chaos. Hilda’s durability and burst damage can catch Saber off guard and turn the tide of the skirmish.

Making a Plan That Will Work for Counter Saber

You need more than just the right hero pick to win at Mobile Legends, even though these heroes are great as Sabre counters. Here are some strategies that will help you win more often:

Coordinating a team

Talking is very important. Tell your team which hero you’ve chosen, and plan your moves so that your counters have the most effect. A well-coordinated team can shut down Saber’s cybernetic acrobatics effectively.

Know Your Maps

Keep an eye on the map to see where Sabre is going. Figure out how he will rotate and plan your counters around that. If you can surprise or attack Sabre, you can change the SLOT GACOR TERBARU game’s outcome in your favour.

Optimising the build

Change the way your hero is built to make them more powerful against Sabre. Your hero can get an advantage in the fight against the Cyber Ops threat by using items that lower crowd control, make them last longer, or do more damage.

Everything Depends on When

Learn how to time things right. Use your hero’s skills at the right time to mess up Saber’s strikes and take advantage of his weaknesses. In team fights, counterattacks that are timed right can change the outcome.

Last Words

Here are five heroes that can be used against Sabre, the Cyber Ops master in Mobile Legends. To do well in the arena, you need to know a lot about heroes, have a plan, and work with other people. So, get your team together, pick your heroes carefully, and let the epic fights begin. Your heroes should shine brightly, and your team should win!